Our proposals

Valery Glass creates bottles and glass packaging in unique shapes, artfully designed to present any product in a way that is both original and functional: liqueurs, oil, wine and the finest vinegars, bath salts and spices, as well as cosmetics. Our work combines creativity with technology and, for this same reason, our Design Department is constantly engaged in creating new and original models.

The latest product novelties

Among the most recent additions to our catalogue is the “Italia” bottle, shaped like our peninsula, which also has numerous applications in the souvenir business. “Marlene” and “Kaori” extend the existing range, respectively, in our selection of bottles for spirits and glass packaging for perfumery or home fragrance diffusers.

Events and Trade Fairs

We take part in various trade fairs both on the Italian and international markets to promote the high quality of our models, the variety of our range and the authentic culture of the Made in Italy trademark.