Valery Glass crafts glass packaging with elegant style, creating exclusive products that range from traditional to contemporary design.

A creative process: from the sand to the bottle.

Our designers' expertise and our customers' ideas represent the beginning of the whole process. The planning phase starts with the realization of a technical drawing that will result in an innovative packaging consistent with the product that the bottle exhibits.

The technical drawing can turn into prototypes (plexiglass/resin) or small glass sampling. In this way the customer can have the first contact with the previously conceived design.

Once approved, the samples pass on to the production stage. If required, the bottle can be personalized through distinctive and exclusive features.

Passion, taste and search for perfection make Valery Glass’ bottles unique.

Valery Glass puts its customers first, offering a wide selection of glass bottles and customized packaging to create exclusive products. The items can be personalized through coating, spraying, silk-screen printing, grinding and frosting. A wide range of accessories is also available (spray-pumps, caps, gaskets).